25.07.2024 News

New ARTE Generali App Version Released

by ARTE Generali

New ARTE Generali App version released!

ARTE Generali has partnered with Wondeur to bring innovation to the art sector through accurate and unbiased analysis of the market through AI-technology. WATCH THE VIDEO to learn how to use the My Art Market Trends tool and gain access to exclusive in-depth analysis on 95% of contemporary artists in the market.

 How does My Art Market Trends work?   

Just type in the name of your favorite post-war or contemporary artist, and you will instantly receive in-depth AI insights on the following data in real time: Artist growth, benchmark value, liquidity value, recent auction transactions, recent dealer transactions, risk of change in value, museum support and future outlook.   

Who can use the App?

The App can be downloaded for free by everyone. Its features are unlimited for ARTE Generali clients. Other users are given access to a trial version that provides them with an active account for 180 days and 50 free artist searches. When the user reaches 50/50 searches,to continue using this function he or she can contact ARTE Generali at: arte@generali.de


All features of the App:

  • NEW My Art Market Trends: Learn more about the latest market developments of contemporary artists 
  • NEW My Evaluation: receive an expert evaluation of your artwork
  • My Collection: create a virtual collection of your existing artwork
  • My Concierge: request professional concierge services for your art (for ARTE Generali clients)
  • My Documents: upload and access all your art and insurance documents in one place (for ARTE Generali clients)
  • My Claims: submit claims through the App (currently available for German accounts only)