14.06.2024 News

ARTE Generali partners up with leading brands in the art world

by ARTE Generali

Following its global launch in November 2019, supported by the eye-catching, subversive advertising campaign created by the thought-provoking photographer Oliviero Toscani and the art genius Maurizio Cattelan, Arte Generali decided to endorse unique projects to position as a life-time partner to art collectors, able to offer unique, innovative and personalized solutions and services.
Additionally, the project that we decided to support share with Arte Generali the purpose of fostering the sharing of art and creativity as values for society” commented Ezio Fantuzzi, Head of Communications, and Leonie Mellinghoff, Head of Community Management. “We want to place Arte Generali as something never seen before in the traditionally conservative art insurance market, while preserving our heritage rooted in the almost two centuries of history of the Generali Group, a patron to arts and culture with no equals.”
The projects supported by Arte Generali in 2020 include the initiative "Experience in Action - DesignBuild in architectural education". The DesignBuild teaching method will be shown in an exhibition in the Pinakothek der Moderne. Also, students at the Technical University of Munich will build a temporary pavilion next to the museum, which will remain there for several years starting from 2020. This structure will be an experimental space for art and architecture and will house workshops for children, students and adults, discussion groups, exhibitions and other events.
Our project combines the importance of learning and the societal role” said prof. Dr. Andres Lepik, curator of the exhibition and director of the Architecture Museum at the Technical University of Munich. “DesignBuild offers students the opportunity to plan concrete projects and build them up in an interdisciplinary manner, acting not only as architects, but also as project developers and social activists. I believe that the mission of DesignBuild is the same as that of Arte Generali as they both try to create positive social impacts through art in any of its forms.”
Additionally, Arte Generali has teamed up with The Art Gorgeous, one of the freshest and most successful emerging art news outlets in the world, for the project “Treasures”. “Treasures” is an initiative never seen before, whereby five inspiring ladies in the world of art offer their exclusive views as artists, gallerists, critics and experts in a series of video-interviews.  
“Burning River” was an open-space interactive art installation which took place from March 7 to 15 in Munich. The installation, supported by Arte Generali, was created by the German artist Jan Kuck. High-tech lasers immersed the water surface of the Isar – Munich’s river – in red and yellow lights, creating the impression of a burning water surface. Short sentences were projected by lasers, consisting of answers to the question: “What are you burning for?”. Citizens, Generali colleagues and art lovers submitted their passions through a dedicated website. 
Last but not least, “Couleurs de la Vie” is an art school for children and teenagers in Saarbrücken, Germany, run by Dima Alrefai and supported by Arte Generali. Dima is a Syrian refugee and an artist with a passion for  teaching. Thanks to the support of The Human Safety Net – Generali Group’s community support program – she acquired the business management skills and became a small entrepreneur.