With ARTE Generali Private, we protect your passions: from artworks to designer furniture, antiques and jewellery, we care for all forms of art and its passing from one generation to the next. We protect your collection and provide assistance solutions that help you protect, preserve, restore and enhance the value of your artworks. You can rely on our globally unrivalled experience of insuring art to provide you with individually tailored solutions that meet your individual wishes and needs.

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With the ARTE Generali App, you can always view your collection anytime and anywhere, have your artworks evaluated, have all important documents at hand and can easily access our exclusive services to our concierge partners.

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All advantages at a glance

Art Protection

Art insurance all-risk coverage for art, jewellery, valuables and valuable household items

Art Service

All-round service with expert advice on all aspects of storage, conservation, security and transport

Art App

an App that takes care of everything and addresses all the needs and concerns of an art collector in today’s modern age

If you would like to know more about ARTE Generali Institutional by ARTE Generali, please contact us directly - we will also be happy to recommend a suitable contact in your area using our broker search.

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