With ARTE Generali Institutional, we will help you obtain comprehensive all-risk insurance and service for museums, temporary and permanent exhibitions, and corporate collections. Many challenges arise from the public exhibition of your collection. ARTE Generali will assist you to alleviate those concerns by procuring complete all-round service: we will help you obtain all-risk insurance coverage for your artwork whether it is on display, in transport, in storage, and more.


ARTE Generali Institutional in Germany

ARTE Generali Institutional in Italy


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Art insurance all-risk coverage for companies with corporate collections, small and larger public museums, private museums, foundations, art associations, exhibition houses, individual exhibitions

Art Service

All-round service with expert advice on all aspects of storage, conservation, security and transport

If you would like to know more about ARTE Generali Private by ARTE Generali, please contact us directly - we will also be happy to recommend a suitable contact in your area using our broker search.