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Meet the life-time partner for art lovers and collectors, offering new ways to help them protect, value, manage and enjoy their artworks.

Tradition and modernity: Inspired by almost 200 years of passion for art, ARTE Generali offers specialized insurances for your art collection, valuables, household and property portfolio. Our personalized solutions are supported by cutting-edge services and digital tools to help and reward art owners.

What Art(e) means to us

Our launch campaign features the artistic collaboration with controversial photographer Oliviero Toscani and iconic contemporary artist Maurizio Cattelan.

Art in the Digital Age. Keep your collection close to you with the ARTE Generali App – always!

We are here to make life more comfortable for you as an art collector: so that you can focus entirely on the joy of your passion. Our unique and exclusive ARTE Generali app provides access to all our services 24 hours every day.


Manage and enjoy your entire art collection, whenever and wherever – with MyCollection. With just a few clicks, you can easily store, describe and categorise your art pieces in MyCollection.

Market Trends

Market Trends provides real-time insights on your artpieces you store in MyCollection. On the basis of AI, you receive valuable information about contemporary artists and their development.


With the feature MyEvaluation, we assess the market value of your paintings, sculptures and antiques. With just a few clicks, you can have any of your art works evaluated by our partner experts.


MyConcierge offers you exclusive services and support on all aspects of art, e.g. transport, storage, restoration, as well as the evaluation of your artpieces. ARTE Generali has put together a qualified network of experts for you.


MyClaims will take care of your claim immediately: just fill out the digital form and with a few clicks we will be there to the rescue. A specalised claims manager will get in touch with you immediately to provide the assistance you need.


With MyDocuments, you can easily organize all your documents: Whether it’s your policy documents, certificates or invoices, you will find all your documents in one place and can access them anywhere and anytime.

Welcome to the Art Community

As an ARTE Generali customer you are part of an extended community of art lovers, specialty experts, trend observers and high-profile influencers, ready to share unique experiences.

Enjoying your unique art collection to the full deserves unique preservation and prevention, protection and insurance.

Since its foundation in 1831, Generali has always championed art and cultural initiatives. Today, our curiosity and passion for art continues to inspire our business every day.

We know what it means to cherish a masterpiece – as keen collectors, we share your passion for great art. No-one better understands the deep pleasure your collection bestows upon you.

Our approach is designed to enhance and develop your being appreciated as a collector. We invest a lot of energy in getting to know you personally and your collection in detail as well. We then share personal insights and tips to help you protect it.

By making clear-sighted and considerate decisions about your collection mutually, you enjoy complete peace of mind, as we can identify and isolate potential problems together even before their inception.

Benefit from exceptional digital tools: Create your private, virtual gallery, for instance, receive online valuations on-line or network with fellow collectors.

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