Within the offer of ARTE Generali, we rely on the latest technological developments to offer solutions that make your life easier. Whether you are a private collector, a sales partner or an exhibition manager - our fast, easy and quick processes help you gain more time to focus on what really matters in life. With our ARTE Generali App, private collectors find more time to appreciate their art collection. With our web-based agent portal portal, our sales partners have direct access to an efficient tool that makes the application and approval process easy and fast. And with our Institutional Tool, exhibition managers can rely on an advanced software to easily manage collections during exhibition, transport and storage.




To do this, we rely on the innovative strength of our strategic partners: Wondeur AI, a game- changing modern company, uses cutting edge artificial intelligence technology to examine value creation in the art industry. As a client of ARTE Generali, you have exclusive access to Market Trends powered by Wondeur AI, a wide database which provides valuable real-time information about contemporary artists and their development.


Wondeur AI

All advantages at a glance


Digital services aimed to support our clients in managing their collection and insurance as well as claims management with the ARTE Generali App

Web portal

Web-based agent portal: easy submitting of enquiries, access to all important insurance documents at all times


Partnerships with innovative leaders for constant ideation and creation of new features

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