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ARTE Generali exclusively insures transportation with Kooness.com, one of the leading digital marketplaces for contemporary art

by ARTE Generali

ARTE Generali exclusively insures transportation with Kooness.com, one of the leading digital marketplaces for contemporary art


  • The value proposition of the partnership between the two companies: specialized and insured  transportation services for art based on precision, attention to details and cost efficiency

16.01.2023 - ARTE Generali and Kooness, a leading digital platform in the contemporary art market, announce the beginning of their partnership: transport from galleries to their clients will be insured by ARTE Generali.

Transporting artworks always involves risks associated with the manipulation of art pieces but also with the circulation or with the documentations required to pass borders. The process of transporting works of art and related insurance is therefore crucial for the preservation of pieces and the integrity of the collection they go to enrich.

Jean Gazançon, CEO of ARTE Generali: “Works of art are precious as they are usually unique and cannot be replaced. The simple transport from the seller to the new owner generates risks potentially impacting the value of the artwork. Together with Kooness, we have developed a globally unique digital and physical process for our clients to make sure those risks are reduced and financially protected. With Kooness, we are jointly creating a specialised offering for a contemporary art marketplace for the first time.”

Lorenzo Uggeri, CEO of Kooness: “I am very proud of the partnership developed with ARTE Generali, our buyers purchase unique products that will likely be passed down through generations as well as be part and parcel of their daily lives. For this reason, it is key to preserve the artworks in the most critical step of the shipment. Through this partnership, we will be able to guarantee a cutting-edge service to our gallerists and collectors that makes the whole shipping process safer, precise and reliable.”

This process requires expertise, organization, and precision for all shipping steps so that the artwork-especially fragile and large pieces-can be delivered quickly, efficiently, and safely. Kooness and ARTE Generali focus on accuracy and cost efficiency in their collaboration to ensure that clients receive their artwork with attention to detail.

Factors such as the material and size of the artwork are taken into account to ensure safe transportation. The packaging includes four foam corner panels that stabilize the artwork during transport and offer high resistance against damage. Once the outer lid is removed, the box can be opened like a book.

Shipping is offered at the best possible price for customers. Transparency and coverage of any damage that may occur during shipping are the two key factors on which the collaboration between the two partners is based.