21.07.2024 News

ARTE Generali presents its latest innovation

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by ARTE Generali

A big breakthrough for ARTE Generali - today it has launched its new app.

With the app, ARTE Generali has taken one step ahead for its customers who require digital innovation. Jean Gazançon (ARTE Generali’s CEO) said, “The demand for digitization in the art world has been pushed further by the Covid-19 pandemics. As a trusted partner to art lovers, ARTE Generali developed a digital platform that meets this demand and aims to simplify the life of distributors and final customers. We prove that art insurance can be innovative.”

This App will benefit customers and brokers. For customers, it will simplify the administrative process and facilitate contacts between customers and the insurance provider and intermediaries. Also brokers will benefit from significant process simplification. The “remote evaluation” feature, for example, will assist art collectors by providing digital evaluation of their art pieces with no physical visit. It will be done by submitting art pieces’ photos and related information via the app. Later, art collectors will get a digital unalterable certificate associated with the art piece.

Customers will also get other privileges in the next future, for example they will be able to join an art community of art lovers and experts and they will get updated news regularly and invitations to exclusive art events.

The digital award

ARTE Generali aims to be a life-time partner and, accordingly, be always on the side of its stakeholders and the art community. Gazançon said: “The Corona crisis does not spare the art world. Because we are aware that small art galleries, museums, art dealers and young artists are experiencing serious difficulties, we decided to act with the aim of supporting them in a concrete way." To this end, ARTE Generali has established an award for the best digitization projects that allow the whole community to enjoy art even at a time of lockdown and social distancing. More detail on the ARTE Generali digital award will be provided in the next weeks.