­čÄÖ´ŞĆINTERVIEW: CEO Jean Gazan├žon - Art as a form of investment in the French magazine Les Actifs By Generali Patrimoine

Today we share with you a very insightful interview of our ARTE Generali CEO Jean Gazan├žon, published in the French magazine Les Actifs By Generali Patrimoine, on art as a form of investment.

Learn about the roots of the rebound of art markets in 2021 after the difficult year 2020 and the accelerated digitization of the art world, in terms of art consumption and art sales but also with completely new forms of art like NFTs. ­čÄĘ ­čôł

Beyond that, Jean Gazan├žon provides useful tips for a new generation of collectors on what to look out for when investing in the art market and how we from ARTE Generali can assist you to have peace of mind when it comes to taking care of your collection. We connect you with the leading experts when it comes to any assistance you need around artworks: From shipping to restoration and storage and even AI-based market dynamic analysis.

At ARTE Generali, we have a solution for everything!