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Art Insurance: offering the best solutions for you and your art collection


Tradition and modernity: Inspired by almost 200 years of passion for art, ARTE Generali offers specialised art insurance solutions supported by cutting-edge services and digital tools. Since its foundation in 1831, Generali has always championed art and cultural initiatives. Today, our curiosity and passion for art continues to inspire our business every day. We know what it means to cherish a masterpiece and share the same passion and love for art with our clients.

We invest in knowing you and your artwork, in order to offer the best solutions for you and your collection. As a Lifetime partner we provide you with the expertise, service and protection you need for your collection and its passing from one generation to the next.


Meet our managers: In the Procuratie Vecchie, our managers shed light on the key propositions of ARTE Generali and what projects are next in the pipeline.

Meet our Team: This is who we are at ARTE Generali: a team of certified experts in all areas of art insurance. Meet our team that brings together a wealth of knowledge and expertise in underwriting, art and claims, handling digital tools and services.

We are inviting the art community to discover the latest version of the ARTE Generali App. Our latest update gives you access to ARTE Generali’s My Art Market Trends: an AI-powered tool providing users with reliable and up-to-date facts to better understand the contemporary art world. This function gives access to data covering 95% of the contemporary artist’s market.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What can I insure with ARTE Generali?

ARTE Generali offers specialised art insurance solutions for your art collection, valuables.

In which countries is ARTE Generali available?

ARTE Generali is currently available in Germany, Italy, France, Austria and the United Kingdom. Other countries are planned for 2023.

How can I contact ARTE Generali?

Please contact us directly - via email at

What valuable posessions can I have insured with ARTE Generali?

With ARTE Generali, we protect your passions: from artwork to designer furniture, antiques and jewellery, we insure all forms of art.

How does the ARTE Generali App work?

With the ARTE Generali App, we take care of the art collection, the insurance, and all related needs of our customers. With a variety of features, we address all the needs and concerns of an art collector in today's modern age.

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