19.07.2024 Collection Tips

ARTE Generali Summer Holiday Checklist: What to Do in Case of Theft or Damages During Vacation

by ARTE Generali

We talked about prevention before leaving for vacation, but what should you do in case theft or damages occur?

💡 Dirk Pörs, Senior Claims Manager at ARTE Generali, offers valuable guidance on how to handle such situations:

✔️ If you notice a burglary when you return (the front door is open, a window is smashed) do not enter the property under any circumstances! The perpetrators might still be in the building. Call the police immediately and wait a distance from the building until they arrive and give you further instructions.

✔️ If you are still on holiday and a break-in at home is reported to you, first inform the police.

✔️ Get an overview of any damage that has occurred to the building. If possible, have damaged windows or doors repaired by an emergency service so that the building or apartment is safe again. Your insurance company will be happy to help you organize this.

✔️ Make a list of stolen or lost items and send it to the police and your insurer. This is of great importance not only for adjusting your claim, but also for a quick and targeted search for the missing items.

✔️ in case of water in your home, locate the source and turn off the water to that part of the pipe system. Inform your insurance company who will help you with mitigating the damage and organizing “first aid” measures.

✔️ Relocate artworks in rooms affected by water or storm into other parts of the house or apartment if they are in danger of getting damaged.

✔️ Always document the damage with digital photos.

✔️ Inform your insurance company. We are here to help you and will be at your side to navigate a claims situation.


Tips shared by Dirk Pörs - Claims Manager at ARTE Generali