18.07.2024 Collection Tips

ARTE Generali Summer Holiday Checklist: Travelling with Jewelry

by Christopher A. Marinello

Summer is here and we want to support you to leave well-prepared for your holidays.

We prepared a checklist of important TODOs that you should not neglect if you travel with your jewelry.

💡 📢 Christopher A. Marinello, CEO & Founder, Art Recovery International, LLC, points out: “Please don’t bring the bling, but if you must, there are a number of safety precautions you should take to mitigate the risks.”

However, if you still want to take your jewels on holiday but don't want to take the risk of them being stolen, please prepare yourself and go through this checklist.

✔️ Contact your insurance broker, review your coverage and exclusions and update your scheduled values. 
✔️ Make sure you have digital photos, receipts, certificates, and any serial numbers in a secure place.
✔️ Don’t show off and don’t discuss values with strangers. Criminals are watching you at hotel bars, dance clubs, swimming pools, and organised events.
✔️ Avoid crowded areas and keep your wits about you. Be aware that criminals will try and distract you while removing your valuables.  Always be on alert.
✔️ If a thief demands your jewlery, do not fight them off. Your jewlery can be replaced, your life cannot.
✔️ Report any losses immediately to the local police and obtain a crime reference number, even if you believe the authorities won’t lift a finger to help you.
✔️ The tiny hotel room safe is better than hiding valuables in your luggage. However, depending on the value, you might want to consider paying the hotel for higher security services.

Tips shared by Christopher A. Marinello – CEO & Founder, Art Recovery International, LLC