19.07.2024 Interview

BeauxArts.com with Gallery Owner Loïc Bénétière

by ARTE Generali

In our interview series "Passion Collection" in partnership with BeauxArts.com, we speak to great personalities from the world of art - this time with passionate gallery owner Loïc Bénétière from the Ceysson & Bénétière Gallery.

Loïc Bénétière describes his own sensation with art, which plays an essential role in his daily life. Every year, he also collects 5-10 artworks himself: "As a gallery owner, it's impossible not to be an art collector". He also believes in a specific French ideology, that an artist whose art isn't selling is not necessarily "a bad artist" but rather a "misunderstood genius".

Stay tuned for many more art personality interviews to come!