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ARTE Generali is key partner of the leading art magazine "The Art Gorgeous" for the “Treasure” project, a video interview series

At the age of 26 she opened her first gallery in Berlin with antique art from Asia, now at 31 she already has her second gallery featuring contemporary art. She is an entrepreneur, gallerist and founder. We are talking about Anahita Sadighi, who is introduced in the first episode of the new video series "Treasure: A Female Insight into Art Insurance". Every month, the video interview format of the art magazine The Art Gorgeous, in cooperation with ARTE Generali, presents a young female personality from the art world who talk about career, passion and the most valuable art treasures.

Anahita Sadighi, who is also known as the "youngest gallery owner in Berlin", lets us take a look into her life in this video. Besides art, music is her passion. Her father, who had planned a music career for her, is one of the most sought-after art dealers and gallery owners for non-European art in Berlin. He supported her at the beginning of her career, and so the power woman has managed to prove herself independently on a highly competitive terrain. A remarkable story in a still strongly male dominated space.

Tradition meets modernity

With the help of social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, she easily manages to balance tradition and modernity. The young gallery owner's aim is to free Far Eastern culture from its dubious and rather negative reputation and to reawaken the fascination of the Orient. The 31-year-old artist knows the dialogue between cultures very well. The Iranian-born artist came to Germany at the age of just over one year. She associates Iranian culture with a mythical awareness of melancholy.

ARTE Generali as a patron to art

Generali promotes art and the preservation of cultural heritage not only as a partner of art projects. With ARTE Generali and the initiative “Digital Leaders in Art Awards”, it is currently also supporting projects to digitize the art world in order to provide all art lovers with digital access to art even during a crisis. At the same time, ARTE Generali offers innovative and customized products and services as a lifetime partner to art collectors.

Promoting creativity among kids and enabling a bridge between education, entertainment and art are the fundamental goals of  “Couleurs de la Vie” (Colours of Life), an art school for children and teenagers founded by Dima Alrefai.

Dima, a female entrepreneur, artist and art educator, arrived as a refugee from Syria three years ago. With the support of The Human Safety Net, the Generali Group’s community outreach program, she started the development of her business, only to be stopped by the pandemic early in 2020. ARTE Generali helped her move her art school online, starting with art workshops for the children of Generali Deutschland employees.

The project quickly turned out to be a great success. More than 50 families with their children applied for the workshops. As a result, Couleurs de la Vie embodies the “new normal” due to the Covid-19 crisis, characterized by a combination of digital and physical tools and means. Also, Dima’s endeavor is a perfect example of how projects and small businesses can thrive amid the pandemic.

As a life-time partner of art lovers, and driven by the purpose of fostering the sharing of art and creativity as values for society, ARTE Generali is happy to contribute to such innovative and creative projects, and, in this specific case, to discover and promote children’s artistic talents within a nourishing environment. Dima´s art school brings together young people, regardless of their gender, social class, culture or ethnicity, thanks to art and creativity.


Generali has announced the launch of ARTE Generali in France, offering innovative and cutting-edge art insurance solutions for art collectors. Following a customary testing phase, ARTE Generali solutions will be available in the “Hexagon” starting from 16 November.

Key features will include the 24/7 exclusive concierge service, offering transportation and storage of the insured items, among other services, as well as the ARTE Generali app. The app was created in collaboration with the Paris-based digital start-up Monuma, which offers customers the remote evaluation of their art pieces. The app will allow art collectors to access services at their fingerprints.

"ARTE Generali is an innovative offer in the art collectors' insurance market. We have been able to make the most out of technology to propose a relevant and tailor-made offer", said Mikaël Couëffard, Head of underwriting for ARTE Generali in France.

Generali France is one of the main insurers in the country, providing insurance solutions to more than 7.1 million people, as well as 750,000 professionals and companies. Its commitment to arts and culture – upon which ARTE Generali will build – is proven by initiatives such as the patronage of the exhibitions “Eblouissante Venise” at the Grand Palais in 2018 and “The Bodies and the Soul, from Donatello to Michelangelo” soon to be inaugurated at the Louvre.

Regis Lemarchand, member of the Executive Committee of Generali France, in charge of professional and SME clients as well as Non-Life corporate business, commented: “ARTE Generali is part of our Generali 2021 strategy which set forward our aim to be life-time partners to our customers. Accordingly, we deliver our offer to high-end clients while leveraging our expertise.”


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    Régis Lemarchand

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    Mikaël Couëffard

ARTE Generali has signed an agreement with Oman Insurance Company to tap into a market with a potential value of US$ 10 million per year

ARTE Generali signed an agreement with Oman Insurance Company which enables it to reach first-class customers through a jointly developed insurance solution.

“The Middle East is one of the most promising and undeserved market for the insurance dedicated to art and valuables, and we want to play a leading role there”,commented Jean Gazançon, CEO of Arte Generali.

This agreement enables ARTE Generali to expand to the Middle East just one year after the company’s establishment.

Oman Insurance Company was established in 1975 and is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. It offers a full range of insurance solutions spanning Life, Health and Property & Casualty to individuals and corporate clients and boasts an extremely solid financial situation.

The joint ARTE Generali-Oman Insurance solution will be part of Oman’s “Privilege Club” offer. ARTE Generali will provide insurance expertise in art, jewelry and other valuable contents as well as an agile platform for quotations, underwriting and claims management. Oman Insurance Company will help ARTE Generali reach high net-worth customers thanks to its established distribution network and local market expertise.

A big breakthrough for ARTE Generali - today it has launched its new app.

With the app, ARTE Generali has taken one step ahead for its customers who require digital innovation. Jean Gazançon (ARTE Generali’s CEO) said, “The demand for digitization in the art world has been pushed further by the Covid-19 pandemics. As a trusted partner to art lovers, ARTE Generali developed a digital platform that meets this demand and aims to simplify the life of distributors and final customers. We prove that art insurance can be innovative.”

This App will benefit customers and brokers. For customers, it will simplify the administrative process and facilitate contacts between customers and the insurance provider and intermediaries. Also brokers will benefit from significant process simplification. The “remote evaluation” feature, for example, will assist art collectors by providing digital evaluation of their art pieces with no physical visit. It will be done by submitting art pieces’ photos and related information via the app. Later, art collectors will get a digital unalterable certificate associated with the art piece.

Customers will also get other privileges in the next future, for example they will be able to join an art community of art lovers and experts and they will get updated news regularly and invitations to exclusive art events.

The digital award

ARTE Generali aims to be a life-time partner and, accordingly, be always on the side of its stakeholders and the art community. Gazançon said: “The Corona crisis does not spare the art world. Because we are aware that small art galleries, museums, art dealers and young artists are experiencing serious difficulties, we decided to act with the aim of supporting them in a concrete way." To this end, ARTE Generali has established an award for the best digitization projects that allow the whole community to enjoy art even at a time of lockdown and social distancing. More detail on the ARTE Generali digital award will be provided in the next weeks.

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  3. My collection (One of the features)

    My collection (One of the features)

By Alessandra Pugliese

When Mariella Casile boarded the last flight connecting Italy to New York, little did she know that she would come face to face with a very long and “solitary quarantine”, as she calls it.

“I know it sounds crazy, but whether it is consulting for my Italian clients or preparing clips for my collectors, these days I am constantly at work so I don’t mind,” she says.

Ms Casile is a Manhattan-based art dealer and also a curator of six private collections located between Europe and South America. Like everybody else in her trade, she has to navigate the uncertainties brought by the coronavirus lockdowns across the world and the pandemic’s economic fallout.

According to Ms Casile, many collectors are using this “suspended time” to strengthen their knowledge and personal taste. “Some are already gathering information for possible investments to be made in the next six to twelve months. The markets have not stopped their activity,” she says.

At the end of March, Art Basel went digital for its Hong Kong Art Fair “Art Basel Online Viewing rooms”, offering VIP previews, virtual tours and openings.  Among the 235 galleries to take part in the event were Hauser and Wirth and Galleria Continua.

“Louise Bourgeois and George Condo were among our first exhibitions to go digital,” says Stefano Rabolli Pansera, Director of the Hauser and Wirth Galleries of London and St Moritz.

“Later this month we will unveil our first Virtual Reality exhibition model for the opening of the new Hauser and Wirth Center in Menorca”, he adds. “The relation with our collectors is very important to us and all these initiatives are a way to keep it alive.”

H&W donates ten percent of its profits from online exhibitions to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organisation, and just to give an idea, the George Condo drawings (sold out) were priced at $100,000 to $125,000.

“Having a gallery in Beijing we had already experienced COVID-19 in January, so when the virus hit Europe we already knew what had to be done,” explains Maurizio Rigillo, one of the three partners of the Tuscany-based Galleria Continua. “We first made sure our staff was safe, and then we began to find ways to sustain the efforts to fight COVID-19. We asked our artists to donate one of their works, and the response turned out to be very good.”

When asked about the near future, Mr Rigillo replied “Until people are not able to travel, I believe that the distribution will only be at a local level. International art fairs will probably come to a temporary stop. It will be difficult for fairs, for big art shows such as the Venice Biennale. They will in part go digital. With that in mind we are thinking about organizing temporary exhibitions. As of now we are in close contact with our collectors and with our artists.”

Galleria Continua will reopen the Beijing gallery in May.

“I don’t see a market problem. The antiques and art market is counter-cyclical, there will always be a market,” says Guido Wannenes, owner of the auction house that carries his family name.

“Auctions have only moved online, but the online was already in use before COVID-19. The real problem for us is when our lots will all be sold and our storages will be empty, what will we auction if we cannot travel to go in search of paintings, furniture, jewels? I  may be able to read a painting online but jewels require to be seen in person,” he says.

Flaminia Gennari Santori, Director of the Barberini and Corsini National Galleries in Rome, hopes  to be able to reopen the two museums in June.

“We have a strong online presence and four exhibitions ready for the reopening.,” she says. “At the beginning we might have less visitors but I am sure that people will return. We are ready”.

  1. © Alessandra Pugliese

    © Alessandra Pugliese