December 2, 2020 - ARTE Generali‘s Jean Gazançon, Iris Handke and Italo Carli in their year-end video-update

„We are here since the beginning to foster art, help people see art, share art and enjoy art,“ explains ARTE Generali CEO, Jean Gazançon in an optimistic video-update, despite the pandemic. He is joined by Iris Handke (Head of Germany) and Italo Carli (Head of Italy).

ARTE Generali started its operations in Germany during the lockdown, and launched its cutting-edge app last May. Meanwhile, the launch of the business in France and Italy, scheduled in the fourth quarter, was being prepared. According to Jean Gazançon: "We more than survived, we thrived under difficult circumstances".

In the video, Iris Handke emphasizes the uniqueness of what ARTE Generali is now capable of offering: the combination of art expertise and art insurance provided through a digital platform. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted many aspects of life into the digital sphere. As ARTE Generali has focused on digital offerings and tools from the very beginning, it found itself prepared in the face of such shift.

The ARTE Generali app exemplifies this. Specifically tailored to the art insurance market, this app is a true innovation, created with the special needs of the art industry in mind. Art expertise and art insurance combined in one digital tool.

Another example of the strong focus on digitalization are the „Digital Leaders for Art Awards“, to support galleries, private museums and cultural foundations with their respective artists on their way to digitalization.

ARTE Generali’s team is now looking ahead to the upcoming year, with many exciting projects in the pipeline, including the launch of operations in new markets and the upgrade of the app to provide customers with an even more comprehensive range of services.