♻️PROTECTION: ARTE Generali- Emergency Management Seminar at MAGA Museum with SOS Archivi & EDAM, 2022

by ARTE Generali

With the aim of protecting art in the future, ARTE Generali is committed to share its expertise and know-how with new generations.

On May 11th, our colleague Cristina Resti, Professor of the Master "Professione Registrar" of IED Accademia Galli, together with SOS Archivi and EDAM organized an in-person training. The goal of this session was to show students how to protect and safely evacuate artworks from Museums or Cultural Heritage sites in the case of a flood or earthquake emergency.

The seminar took place at the MAGA museum in Gallarate (Italy), and we would like to thank Museum Director Emma Zanella and Engineer Budelli for accompanying us on this training.

Watch the whole event below 👇