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ARTE Generali launches in France, 2020

  1. Régis Lemarchand

    Régis Lemarchand

  2. Mikaël Couëffard

    Mikaël Couëffard

by ARTE Generali

Generali has announced the launch of ARTE Generali in France, offering innovative and cutting-edge art insurance solutions for art collectors. Following a customary testing phase, ARTE Generali solutions will be available in the “Hexagon” starting from 16 November.

Key features will include the 24/7 exclusive concierge service, offering transportation and storage of the insured items, among other services, as well as the ARTE Generali app. The app was created in collaboration with the Paris-based digital start-up Monuma, which offers customers the remote evaluation of their art pieces. The app will allow art collectors to access services at their fingerprints.

"ARTE Generali is an innovative offer in the art collectors' insurance market. We have been able to make the most out of technology to propose a relevant and tailor-made offer", said Mikaël Couëffard, Head of underwriting for ARTE Generali in France.

Generali France is one of the main insurers in the country, providing insurance solutions to more than 7.1 million people, as well as 750,000 professionals and companies. Its commitment to arts and culture – upon which ARTE Generali will build – is proven by initiatives such as the patronage of the exhibitions “Eblouissante Venise” at the Grand Palais in 2018 and “The Bodies and the Soul, from Donatello to Michelangelo” soon to be inaugurated at the Louvre.

Regis Lemarchand, member of the Executive Committee of Generali France, in charge of professional and SME clients as well as Non-Life corporate business, commented: “ARTE Generali is part of our Generali 2021 strategy which set forward our aim to be lifetime partners to our customers. Accordingly, we deliver our offer to high-end clients while leveraging our expertise.”


To know more, https://www.artegenerali.com/art-press