18.07.2024 Interview

Marc Leboiteux, Managing Director of Group ESI Fine Art

by ARTE Generali

As part of our Collection Tips series, this month we're exploring the topic of transporting artworks, and last week we presented some tips on how to transport artworks safely.
This week we speak to Marc Leboiteux, Managing Director of the French transportation company GROUP ESI Fine Art. With over 10 years of experience in the field of transportation, packaging, storage, and the installation of art works👨🔧🛠, he and his company work closely together with all the important stakeholders of the art industry. When it comes to transporting artworks from A to B, they are the true experts in the field. Marc Leboiteux’s advice to art collectors is: “To avoid any issues that can happen during the transportation of your artwork, it is essential to really know your artwork, that means the nature, the dimensions, weight, and fragilities of the art piece. That is what matters most when you offer an appropriate packaging and means of transportation by 🚚 truck or by plane”. 
👉 He also points out what art collectors need to take into account when choosing a transport company and explains how transport companies usually deal with weather fluctuations.