16.06.2024 Event

Arts and Cultural Initiatives as Drivers of Social Sustainability

  1. Photo: (from left) Maria Ameli , Stefano Denicolai, Roberta Ghilardi, Italo Carli, Ernesto Lanzillo, Emma Ursich, Marilena Pirrelli.

by ARTE Generali

Highlights of the Event held in Torre Generali in Milan


Art and culture play crucial roles in sustainable development, as shown by recent collaborations involving the Institute for Transformative Innovation Research (ITIR) at the University of Pavia, Banca Generali, ARTE Generali, and Deloitte Private. These partnerships aim to explore the connection between finance and culture, as demonstrated in a recent event at Torre Generali in Milan. 
At the event Professor Stefano Denicolai, president of ITIR, highlighted the importance of a holistic approach that integrates economic and social dynamics to create mutual benefits. Maria Ameli, Head of Corporate, Real Estate, Art Advisory, Family Protection & Planning Banca Generali, emphasized art's ability to unify diverse perspectives and stimulate dialogue. Insights from the event emphasized the need for comprehensive methods to measure and preserve cultural assets for future generations.

Furthermore, ITIR, along with ARTE Generali, Banca Generali, and Deloitte Private, conducted a survey focused on organizations involved in cultural initiatives. While there was limited awareness of frameworks like UNESCO Culture|2030, the study showed a growing recognition of the strategic role of arts in sustainable development. However, it also highlighted the need for greater awareness and dissemination of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among cultural organizations. By adjusting governance models and improving reporting mechanisms, these organizations can enhance their positive impacts and contribute more effectively to the SDGs.

As this research represents the first step in a broader journey, stakeholders are encouraged to download the full report to delve deeper into the findings and implications. Through ongoing collaboration and exploration, we can continue to unlock the potential of art and culture as drivers for sustainable development.