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ARTE Generali digitizes art insurance and supports the art world in recovering from the Corona crisis

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by ARTE Generali

  • Exclusive ARTE Generali app now available with unique features
  • ARTE Generali supports small galleries, museums and art dealers as well as young artists coping with the Corona crisis


Munich (Germany), May 15, 2020 – ARTE Generali today unveiled its new, exclusive app, which offers art collectors unique features such as remote evaluation of artworks. In addition, ARTE Generali has decided to set up a program to support small galleries, museums and art dealers as well as young artists who are particularly affected by the Corona crisis.

“Collectors are increasingly demanding that the processes in art insurance are made simple, fast and intelligent by digital tools”, said Jean Gazançon, CEO of ARTE Generali. “The demand for digitization in the art world is being driven further by the Corona crisis. ARTE Generali has therefore developed a digital platform that meets this demand and simplifies the lives of distributors and customers. This way, ARTE Generali proves that art insurance can be innovative.”

The new ARTE Generali app

ARTE Generali’s digital ecosystem is enhanced by the exclusive ARTE Generali app, which offers collectors a comprehensive range of art-related services, such as:

  • Remote evaluation – offering art collectors the opportunity to obtain evaluation of their art pieces from a certified expert with no in-person visit. The evaluation is performed by submitting pictures of the art piece and additional available information and documentation. Upon evaluation, the art collector obtains a digital unalterable certificate associated with the art piece.
  • MyCollection – offering customers a tool to manage a virtual collection whereby their artworks are placed, including photos, information and available digital documents such as the certificate.


In the coming months, additional functions will be integrated into the ARTE Generali app:

  • MyConcierge – providing digital, remote assistance to identify and connect with experts for appraisal, transport, storage, cleaning and restoration of art collections and artworks.
  • MyClaim – enabling digital claim filing process.
  • MyGallery – a virtual private space to showcase art pieces, accessible by third parties upon the art collector’s invitation.


Through the app, art collectors will also be able to join an art community of art lovers and experts who share the same passion for art and approach to preserving art objects. App users will receive exclusive news about current trends in the art market and invitations to exclusive digital and physical art events.

The ARTE Generali app can be used on any smart device, meets the strictest data security standards and is powered by Blockchain technology for additional verifiability and security. The app is available in all well-known app stores; certain functions are currently only available to German customers. For further details, please visit www.artegenerali.com

ARTE Generali supports art institutions coping with the Corona crisis

ARTE Generali aims to award the best projects that contribute to the digitization of the art world, and to support their implementation. The projects should aim to enable society to access and enjoy art, even when physical visits are prohibited or discouraged. “Our purpose is to foster the sharing of art and creativity as values for society. In the same vein, we want to support small galleries, museums and art dealers as well as young artists in their efforts to adopt digital ways for the whole community to enjoy art – despite Corona. We will provide concrete help by making our network of partners, including digital start-ups, available to the best projects”, said Jean Gazançon.

The initiative is part of the emergency fund of Generali Deutschland of €30 million announced on April 3, 2020. Further details about this initiative and its implementation will be announced in the coming weeks.



ARTE Generali aims to become a life-time partner to art collectors globally, offering unmatched innovative, personalized solutions and services. ARTE Generali insures art pieces, jewelry and other valuable belongings. ARTE Generali’s offer is available to individuals in Germany and United Arab Emirates and soon it will extend to corporate customers and cultural institutions as well as to additional markets including France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Hong Kong.

ARTE Generali leverages the Generali Group’s undisputed leadership in terms of technical insurance performance as well as its unique art and cultural heritage, developed since its foundation in 1831. Today, such heritage is displayed in Group’s initiatives such as “Valore Cultura” in Italy, the “Radici del Presente” permanent exhibition in the company’s offices in Rome and Generali Deutschland’s support to some of the most successful art exhibitions in Germany. The numerous historical, iconic properties that constitute part of Generali’s global real estate portfolio, such as the Procuratie Vecchie in Saint Mark’s square in Venice, currently under renovation, form part of such heritage as well.