25.07.2024 Collection Tips

What needs to be considered when packing and transporting art?

by Hans-Ewald Schneider, Managing Director of International Transport Hasenkamp

Gain exciting insights from the selection of the right packaging to the inspection of the transport vehicle

Efficient planning, qualified staff and the right equipment are all factors that ensure that the art can be handled in a controlled manner at all times - this is the advice we received from Hans-Ewald Schneider, Managing Director of International Transport Hasenkamp, during our meeting at Art Cologne. In this article, we present a selection of best practices to minimize risks during transport and packaging and to ensure the safety of your art collection.


Process and Choice of packaging

✔Plan the packaging considering the nature of the work (size, weight), surface and fragility (sensitivity). 
✔Take into account the means of transport and the loading and unloading address - from protective packaging to Q+ crates.

Sustainable and efficient packaging

✔It is not enough to use sustainable materials, as we do with our ARCA crate, for example; efficient planning is also important.
✔The sensible use of multi-image packaging, for example, to consolidate work in one crate. This avoids the 
construction of unnecessary crates.

The best packaging experts

✔Qualified staff is the most important thing. Art packers must be trained both in the careful packing of objects and in the smooth running of the packing centre.
✔In a well organised packing centre, the art is exposed to the least risk.

Equipment and expertise for every eventuality

✔Large and heavy works of art often require specialised equipment, such as our Black Spider crane.
✔Using the right equipment ensures that the art can be handled in a controlled manner at all times.

The best technical conditions to transport my artwork safely

✔A modern fleet of vehicles.
✔Air-conditioned and clean vehicles provide the best environment for safe transport.
✔First class load securing and air-suspended vehicles to minimise vibration during transport.

Reliable personnel

✔Trained personnel for both loading and transport
✔The combination of anticipatory driving and advanced safety systems ensures that the truck arrives safely at its destination.

One Source

✔The transport is accompanied by a single logistics service provider to ensure a smooth journey from the pick-up 
address to the destination
✔Incidents are avoided (e.g. customs)
✔Smooth communication and seamless documentationLarge and heavy works of art often require specialised  equipment (e.g. our Black Spider spider crane). Using the right equipment ensures that the artwork is handled in a 
controlled manner at all times.