25.07.2024 Collection Tips

Florence and Daniel Guerlain's insights on the world of contemporary drawing

by ARTE Generali

In the heart of Paris, surrounded by the elegance of the Guerlain Residence, an interview with Florence and Daniel Guerlain unfolded, shedding light on the world of contemporary drawing, with a particular focus on the latest winner of the “Daniel and Florence Guerlain Foundation Prize for Contemporary Drawing”, Amir Nave. The Salon du Dessin features drawings from the 1600s to the present. The Guerlain’s explained that the Salon reigns supreme in the United States because that's where the money is, and quality has its price. Many galleries, some with decades of affection, have been participating for 30 years.

With the 32nd Salon du Dessin just behind us, the conversation delved into the intricacies of Nave's work and the essence of the art of drawing.


About Amir Nave, Winner of the “Daniel and Florence Guerlain Foundation Prize for Contemporary Drawing” at the 32nd Salon du Dessin

Amir Nave explores the infinite temporality of human existence, delving into the realms of identity and destiny with an almost mystical fervour. Characterised by an obsessive and spiritual aura, his creations draw the viewer into a panorama of human passions. Florence and Daniel Guerlain, shed light on the selection process. While the voting is shrouded in secrecy, the jurors, armed with catalogues and materials, form their first impressions before making their final decisions. When asked, Florence and Daniel explained that Amir Nave's work, characterised by its strength and violent message, stood out from the competition. The violence inherent in his art is juxtaposed with a profound sense of beauty and happiness, and this is what really stood out to the jury. The conversation with Florence and Daniel Guerlain offered a glimpse into the world of contemporary drawing and the artistry of Amir Nave.

As the conversation turned to the art of collecting drawings, the interviewees explained that the “Daniel and Florence Guerlain Foundation Prize for Contemporary Drawing” aims to discover lesser-known artists and give them a platform to exhibit their work.


The Art of Collecting Drawings

When asked if it was true that there's a growing number of drawing collectors, Florence and Daniel nodded and explained that people are increasingly drawn to it, and indeed, all artists have always engaged in drawing.

While drawing may have taken a backseat to videos in the 1970s, there's now a resurgence, though it was never truly abandoned, as drawing has always been ubiquitous—even in graffiti, as they humorously note.

When we asked them about what prompts collectors to choose one drawing over another, Florence and Daniel emphasized the role of the heart and eyes. It is the visceral reaction, the stirring of emotions, and the attraction to originality that guide collectors' choices. A drawing that resonates on an instinctive level, offering a glimpse into uncharted territory, is irresistibly captivating.