17.07.2024 Collection Tips

The Facility Report

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by Cristina Resti

What is the Facility Report and why is it so important? 


 In a world where preservation and protection are paramount, the Facility Report is the cornerstone for assessing the condition of a building.

In her latest article, Cristina Resti - Art expert and Art Network Manager at ARTE Generali – shares her insights into this crucial tool.


The Facility Report assesses the condition and performance of buildings that house collections and visitors, covering aspects such as construction type, facility management, maintenance and security.


Beyond its technical function, the Facility Report plays a key role in communication:

1. It allows managers to monitor safety components and collaborate with various professionals such as risk managers, conservators and curators.

2. It provides lenders with critical information about security measures when loaning works of art.

3. It acts as a reference for operators and service providers, including insurance companies, guiding them in understanding building characteristics and organization.


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