25.07.2024 Collection Tips

Building a Collection

by Johanna Neuschäffer, co-founder of OFFICE IMPART

Find out which factors need to be considered when building an art collection


The world of art is full of discoveries. But how do you actually start building up your own art collection? Where do you find interesting artists and how do you recognize up-and-coming talent? Johanna Neuschäffer, co-founder of OFFICE IMPART, says: "Art has to be discovered!" - a statement that sums up the pulsating dynamics of the art world. "The trends are the influence of new technologies on artistic works, such as AI, blockchain, 3D animation and augmented reality." In this article, we share a selection of tips for aspiring art collectors who want to learn more about what factors to consider when building an art collection.


How and where do you discover interesting artists? What should you look out for?


Art must be discovered! Try to see as many exhibitions as you can. Take a look at the final year exhibitions at art academies. Visit smaller exhibition spaces such as art associations, off-spaces and artist-run initiatives. Train your eye in comparison to the big museum exhibitions. There are many digital resources available to help you get a deeper insight: Check out the social media accounts of galleries, artists and art magazines you like. Listen to and watch interviews and podcasts with the artists. This is the best way to get a better understanding of their artistic practice and motivation. Building your own taste takes time. Don't be afraid if art raises more questions than it answers. Trust your own opinion and don't just follow the mainstream.


Are there any interesting trends in the current art market?


We are interested in the influence of new technologies on artistic practice, such as AI, blockchain, 3D animation and augmented reality. Digital art has taken off and is starting to compete with traditional media.

Current developments in the various technologies are also influencing the structures of the art market. These trends are still in the early stages, so it is exciting and worthwhile to follow the direction in which developments are heading in terms of art and the market.