19.07.2024 Collection Tips

ARTE Generali Summer Holiday Checklist for Collectors

by Iris Handke

Summer is here and we want to support you to leave well-prepared for your holidays.

We prepared a checklist of important TODOs that you should not neglect before leaving your property.

💡 📢 Iris Handke - Chief Underwriting Officer at ARTE Generali, points out:

 " It is often underrated how important it is to have someone check on the property, take in the mail, water the plants, make sure that everything is okay and react if it isn't. a pipe burst for example can cause a lot of damage in a very short time. And if this goes unnoticed for two weeks in the hot weather, there is not only the water to deal with, but potentially mold as well. Getting help quickly is key! ".

Here comes the checklist.



✔️Did you check if the alarm system is working properly?

✔️Did you inform your security company about your holidays schedule? While you are talking to them, make sure to review and update the intervention plan if necessary

✔️Did you appoint someone to come and check that everything is fine with your property on a regular basis?

✔️Did you prepare a list of emergency contacts for this person to cover any scenario such as water leak, theft etc.?

✔️Did you put all your jewelry in the safe?

✔️Have you considered storing your Jewelry in a bank vault? If so, don’t forget to check with your broker and your insurance company how to go about this.

✔️Are all water taps  closed?

✔️Are all electronic devices that are not needed unplugged?

✔️Did you lock up the property? All windows and doors closed and locked?

✔️Did you turn on the alarm before leaving?

✔️Now relax and have fun!


Tips shared by Iris Handke – Chief Underwriting Officer at ARTE Generali