25.07.2024 Risk Management

ARTE Generali partner of the European Project Erasmus+, 2022

by ARTE Generali

ARTE Generali enters into a scientific partnership with high-level educational institutions to carry out a research project aimed at the preservation of cultural heritage affected by climate change.


In cooperation with the Italian Mazzini LAB and the University of Perugia, as well as the Austrian University of Continuing Education in Krems and the ITAM in the Czech Republic, ARTE Generali will provide risk assessment-oriented education to well-trained and qualified people in the field of cultural heritage risk assessment across Europe. Over 100 relevant international and national stakeholders will be involved in the ambitious project, sharing their expertise in cultural heritage risk assessment analysis and combining it with building insurance expertise and in-depth knowledge of the visual arts.


ARTE Generali, which offers specialized art insurance in various countries across Europe,  stands out for its comprehensive, innovative and personalized solutions that include insurance expertise, art knowledge, services and assistance, and digital tools. In doing so, ARTE Generali cooperates closely with partners on improved solutions that add enormous value to the art market. The aim of the Erasmus+ project is the integration of new skills and competences of risk assessment and prevention of material cultural heritage. The knowledge of international risk assessors specialized in different disciplines will be pooled in research to fill this knowledge gap and ensure it for the future.


The aim of working with partners is to significantly minimise the negative impacts of climate change on cultural heritage by extending first-class education and developing specialized risk assessors. By sharing the necessary scientific knowledge which ARTE Generali can provide, technology has the potential to help close the skill gaps in art and culture management . The development of a new curriculum specialized in cultural heritage in relation to climate change will lay the foundations for new methodologies for risk managers.


The Erasmus+ project will initially run for two years. The research will start in March 2022 with a kick-off meeting in Rome. The presentation of the results of the research is planned for July 2024. At least 50 applicants will be trained to become cultural heritage risk managers by 2024.


More information on the official website https://www.charisma-academy.eu/